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Celebrity Divorce

Professional, discrete dissolution of marriage in California

Keeping a marriage together can be difficult in a perfect world, and much more so in the public eye. It may seem that statistics favor ordinary people in terms of divorce rates, but that is only because celebrity divorce happens on a public forum. California is rife with high-profile divorce cases and the often stressful litigation that comes with highly publicized separations and the sizable marital estates that come with it.

Choosing the right law firm can help ease the complexities of a celebrity divorce. At San Diego Divorce Lawyer we have the experience in discretely handling divorce proceedings for celebrities and or their spouses would be the best option. Our team have the knowledge, skills and experience to handle complex property, financial and family law issues that arise during celebrity divorce.

Reasons for Celebrity Divorce in California

Many ordinary people scoff at celebrity divorce and believe that celebrities don't respect the sanctity of matrimony, but they don't understand the pressures of a marriage that plays out in the public eye and remain fascinated with the gossip. Little do they know that the tabloids often guess about the 'facts' they spread for public consumption. People tend to think that celebrity divorce is a publicity stunt, or that rich and famous couples marry on whim out of selfish greed. With so much public scrutiny, it is no wonder that the divorce rate is so high amongst celebrity couples.

One of the most commonly cited reasons for divorce among celebrity couples is extreme conflicting schedules. Surprisingly, physicians and law enforcement officials face the same struggles. Singers, actors and pro athletes often spend months away from their families on tour or shooting on location. Giving and receiving emotional support becomes difficult between spouses, which causes issues of loneliness, loss of affection and more. As one spouse works long, odd hours, the other spouse may feel that his or her partner chooses work over family, and become resentful.

The truth is that celebrities are people with emotions, too, and marriage should be a private affair.If you have been served with divorce papers, or if you consider ending your marriage, get in touch with a San Diego divorce attorney who specializes in Celebrity Divorce.

Additional Considerations in Celebrity Divorce

Every relationship has its issues, but they are magnified in celebrity marriages. Celebrity spouses are much like any ordinary couple, and the same emotions cause them to divorce - it is just magnified. Sometimes, spouses simply drift apart, which leads to money problems, addictions, and extramarital affairs. While tabloids zoom their lenses into the devastation, a professional San Diego divorce attorney will be respectful of the underlying issues and handle the case with utmost care and confidentiality.

While the length of ordinary divorce proceedings depend on the size of the estate and family law issues involving children, celebrity couple has multiple parcels of properties in addition to their children.

In addition, issues that don't necessarily apply to the average couple are major issues of contention in celebrity divorce. These matters include:

  • Economic Considerations

While it is often easier for celebrity couples to divorce from an economic standpoint, proceedings can be delayed due to the complexity of dividing assets obtained during the marriage. In a Community Property State, which California is, both spouses own assets equally, which means that it must be split 50/50 upon divorce. Celebrity couples often have prenuptial stipulations but it can still be difficult to split salaries, royalties and other assets.

Celebrities tend to have multiple income streams, and receive income on a project-by-project, temporary or seasonal basis; the latter applies specifically to pro athletes with celebrity status. Intermittent payments from celebrity appearances, sponsorships and royalties are also applicable. Many celebrities also have significant amounts of money tied up in investments and retirement funds.

A reputable divorce law firm will typically combine the efforts of experts in various fields to account for all the assets, and ensure the protection of your assets during the divorce.

  • Intellectual Property Considerations

Intellectual property is an intangible idea, but it happens to be one of the most contentious battles in celebrity divorce. Couples fight over royalties, copyrights, trademarks and patents, and these matters can make it to court years after a couple split up.

Celebrity Divorce: Privacy and Mediation

The end of a marriage can be extremely emotional, and it is intensely personal - even when it plays out in the spotlight. Nobody starts a marriage with the aim to divorce your spouse, so it is only natural to grieve for your shattered future hopes or dreams. Likewise, it's understandable that you may be angered by the hurt of betrayal. As a celebrity, you may feel the pressure of living in the public eye as tabloids splash your personal life across the front page, along with salacious headlines and baseless accusations. Even if they printed only the facts, it would still be an invasion of your privacy, which adds insult to the injury.

Although it is hard to hide a high-profile divorce from prying eyes in California, a reputable San Diego divorce attorney will go the extra mile to provide you with the best possible privacy during the dissolution of your marriage. They may also petition the court to seal any sensitive aspects of your divorce records from public access, including your income, assets, expenses and debts.

Celebrity divorces outside California can be especially nasty and public. However, California is a no-fault state, which means that there is no need for spouses to air their dirty laundry in order to have blame assigned so that they can meet fault-based criteria and gain the greatest reward. In California, only fault-based issues that were conducted in front of the couple's children would be admissible in court, because the children's safety, health, and wellbeing is the court's number one priority.

During this devastating time, you need the assistance of a San Diego divorce lawyer who has experience in dealing with high-profile celebrity divorce cases, and a reputation for discretion. During such a difficult time, the last thing you need is a media hound who uses your celebrity status to his or her own advantage. Choosing the right San Diego divorce attorney will ensure that you have a lawyer who is not only experienced in complex high profile divorces, but also respects your confidentiality and privacy during and after the divorce.

Nuts and Bolts of a Celebrity Divorce

A divorce agreement outlines the issues relating to the divorce. In many instances, mediation offers a private means for celebrity divorce settlements. During mediation, each spouse is represented by his or her attorney in a private meeting. This is usually in the couple's best interests, as it keeps matters out of the public eye, and makes it easier to seal personal records. However, if the spouses are unable to agree on something, they will have to petition the court to intervene and settle the outstanding issues. The court will issue a decree settlement of the marital estate based on California law.

Celebrity Divorce and Child Custody

Family law matters tend to take longer to settle, because it is hard for any parent to lose daily contact with their children. While technology makes it easier than ever to stay in contact, a text message, phone call, or even video call does not alleviate the lack of physical proximity. However, we should be thankful for technological advances that make it somewhat easier than it would have been thirty years ago.

Child custody, paternity, and visitation are especially hard on families and in celebrity divorces, it is particularly important to protect your children's privacy. As parents, we have to shield our children against the psychological and emotional consequences of family law battles that play out in the media.

In most celebrity divorces, custody is determined by means of mediation. You may choose a mediator, or you may ask the court to appoint one to your case. However, as a celebrity with a sizable marital estate, choosing the right representation is key to reducing the stress and media exposure during the proceedings and ensuring the best outcome for you and your children.

The court does not consider a spouse's sexual conduct as relevant in terms of awarding custody, unless the other party can prove that such behavior has a significant negative impact on the child. An ad litem evaluator will typically be assigned to file a confidential report, which the court will serve on the spouses or on their attorneys. The report is so confidential that it cannot be photocopied.

You may agree on a visitation schedule with your spouse, or you may request that the court assigns a schedule. Once again, this can be a complex matter for celebrity couples who don't keep to typical work hours and who often travel because of their line of business.

Spousal Support in California

If a couple was married for less than ten years, spousal support will be payable for half as many years. For instance, if a marriage lasted six years, spousal support would last for three years after the divorce.

California courts consider marriages that lasted more than ten years as long-term marriages. When a long-term marriage ends, spouses have a right to ask for spousal support for longer than they would in a short- to mid-term marriage. It is not unusual for a court to grant a spouse who has been married for more than ten years spousal support for the rest of his or her life or until they remarry.

However, the notion that celebrity couples marry shortly before their tenth wedding anniversary to avoid paying spousal support forever is highly unsupported. The court sees the ten-year marriage as merely a guideline, and might well apply the same rules to a slightly shorter marriage.

The ten-year rule becomes relevant in terms of the structure of a family unit. Support and financial divisions matter to a custodial parent who has been out of the workforce in order to raise the children and manage the home. As such, the other spouse may have to provide support in terms of education and assistance for the custodial parent to return to work.

As such, support after ten years of marriage is not as much about paying for longer, but rather focused on the circumstances of the family dynamic and the level of support offered in terms of financial planning. In addition to employment, the courts may consider whether one spouse has medical issues or certain instabilities that require support. The courts will focus on what's best for each individual as well as for the family as a whole.

Celebrity Divorce and Prenuptial Agreements

In many cases, prenuptial agreements pre-determine support guidelines.The ten year guideline usually does not apply to support based on prenuptial agreements, and the couple could even waive support altogether.

Hiring a Celebrity Divorce Lawyer in San Diego

Hiring the right San Diego celebrity divorce lawyer can be the difference between a divorce that resolves quickly and privately, or a long, drawn-out divorce with the potential for negative publicity. A quick and discreet divorce does not make the news, but it is certainly in the family's best interests.

When you are faced with the decision to call an end to your marriage, call San Diego Divorce Attorney to help you facilitate the dissolution of your celebrity marriage. Our vast experience ensures that we can easily identify the vast issues faced by our high profile clients, and puts us in the ideal position to implement the most effective solutions to the challenges that arise from your unique circumstances.

Speak to an experienced attorney about your celebrity divorce and the best ways to protect your rights and assets during and after the dissolution of your marriage. Call our professional San Diego Divorce Attorney law firm today at 858-529-5150 today to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your divorce and issues regarding your unique situation.


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