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How are International Child Custody Handled after a Divorce?

Child custody issues can be among the most difficult to resolve in the courtroom. When they happen in international settings, child custody battles can become much more emotionally charged and contentious than they already are. Although federal and state laws in the US govern most child custody disputes, it often needs to be clarified which jurisdiction has authority over international custody disputes and, thus, what laws will apply. How to Get Around International Law Hurdles in Your Child Custody Case As the global society...

Dec 21, 2022
Posted by developer

What are the Child Relocation Laws in California?

When you separate or divorce, the incident naturally affects your family. Sometimes, you could move to another location after a separation or divorce and start a new life. One thing a judge can not...

Dec 05, 2022
Posted by developer

How are Child Visitations Handled After a Divorce in San Diego

No one wants to undergo a divorce. However, when it happens, there are several matters that you need to sort out. One of the most difficult issues in a divorce is when minor children are involved....

Oct 19, 2022
Posted by developer

What Is Alimony in San Diego?

For a long time, alimony was a standard component of divorce settlement agreements in California. Most spouses left their regular jobs after marriage to raise their families. Alimony reduced the...

What is Juvenile Dependency in San Diego?

How would you feel if your child is removed from you and compelled to live in foster care? That is what will be at stake when you hear of juvenile dependency. You may permanently lose your child if you have been implicated in a juvenile dependency case and cannot handle it properly. Therefore, the right thing to do in this situation is to seek assistance from a skilled family law attorney who understands juvenile dependency matters. Explaining Juvenile Dependency A dependent minor is any minor who: Is neglected or abused...

Oct 05, 2022
Posted by developer

Calculating Child Support in California

Ensuring your child’s wellbeing is secure even after separating or divorcing your spouse is crucial, as children are primary dependants. Therefore, you want to understand the California guidelines...

Aug 22, 2022
Posted by myadmin

How to Know if I can get an Annulment in San Diego?

Annulling your marriage is a critical decision to make. This is because annulment is much more complicated and has different effects from divorce. Instead of ending a marital union like it is for...

Jun 27, 2022
Posted by developer

Protecting Yourself During a Divorce in San Diego

When you were saying your vows, you meant every word you said because you were dreaming of a lifelong love. Nonetheless, marriage life comes with many challenges like lack of romance or infidelity...


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