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24 Hour Access clients have access to all their client files 24/7 on their computers or smartphones. Notices are sent when new documents are uploaded and when hearings are approaching.

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Child Custody Issues to be Aware of

Child custody battles are frequent in California, especially in divorce cases. Every parent feels that the child would be better off with him or her than with the other parent. If both parents are cooperative, they may work out a child custody plan that is favorable to both of them. However, if the parents cannot agree on a child custody plan, they have to take the issue to court and let the judge decide. There are numerous issues surrounding custody that you should be aware of. When determining a custody case, the court will...

Nov 11, 2019
Posted by developer

How to Have an Amicable Divorce

After many years of doing a soul-search and trying to make your marriage work, you have made a difficult decision to divorce your spouse. However, you do not want your divorce to be full of drama...

Nov 08, 2019
Posted by developer

Challenges for Children in a Divorce

Researchers argue that divorce rates have declined as more people take longer to get hitched. Marriage was once seen as a starting block for younger generations, but the views are quickly changing....

Oct 08, 2019
Posted by myadmin

Protecting your Assets in a Divorce

Ending your marriage and coming to terms with the aftermath of going your separate ways is often a tough journey. You had become accustomed to living life a certain way, raising children – or not,...

Divorce Implications for The Breadwinner

Divorce comes with a myriad of changes for the separated spouses and their children. There are child custody arrangements, moving out and finding a new residence, adjusting socially, and many more. The financial aspect of divorce cannot be ignored, and the consequences can last a lifetime. Separating couples need to think long and hard about what happens to the family's finances, especially when children are involved. San Diego Divorce Attorney handles tons of divorces where the man or woman are the breadwinners or both. Every...

Oct 04, 2019
Posted by developer

How to Prepare Your Children For Divorce

The decision to end your marital union after years of being a stable family does not come easy. Complexities increase when there are young children involved as their lives must continue after the...

Aug 16, 2019
Posted by developer

Common Financial Issues in a Divorce You Should Be Aware Of

Getting divorced is not uncommon even when things appear lovely on the outside. Some couples separate after less than five years of marriage – with or without children, and there are couples that...

Aug 16, 2019
Posted by developer

Why Hiring An Experienced Divorce Attorney Can Make All The Difference

When a marriage is no longer working out despite putting your best foot forward, one or both partners may initiate a divorce petition to end the misery. The partner could be blindsided by an awful...


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